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Yearbook Contests

For the 2024 OSMA Yearbook Contest/Critique, we are going back to having three separate deadlines based on when your book gets delivered. Take a look at the updated information below.

ENTRY DEADLINES (received by us):

  • by June 30 (for spring delivery books)
  • by September 30 (for summer and early-fall delivery books)
  • by November 30 (for late fall delivery books)

We will try to have all yearbooks critiqued and have feedback sent within 2 months of each entry deadline.

Print out this year’s School Data Sheet, fill it out, and send it with your yearbook to OSMA President & contest coordinator Julieanne McClain at the following mailing address: 15780 Trenton Road, Sunbury, OH 43074.  (Our official mailing address charges us a small fee to accept packages, so sending them straight to Julieanne helps to save us money)

Is your publication printed without prior review with students making all content decisions? If so, you can receive your award certification with a gold seal indicating that. Have your principal sign this form and return it with your entry.

Want to see how books are evaluated? Download a copy of a recent critique guide.

Questions? Contact Julieanne McClain at [email protected].

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