Well… we’re not back in person quite yet

But OSMA has something else special for you

After much discussion and reluctance, the OSMA board voted unanimously Sunday, Aug. 22 not to hold any face-to-face regional workshops in Fall 2021. 

Many of our own board members either had been told they cannot attend such events this fall or have had administrators avoid answering their requests. With schools just starting up — and already having sporting events canceled and new protocols put in place because of COVID-19 and the Delta variant — the group decided it would be better to cancel live events now than to have no one able to attend, or risk spreading the virus — OR to frustrate members who wouldn’t know if there was an event or not.

We also discussed having a virtual workshop, but Board members agreed both students and teachers were tired of looking at anything on a small screen with faces in rectangles.

BUT we do have an idea we think will fill some of your needs. Teachers want new materials and so do students. They want lively, well-thought-out lesson plans that cover important materials everyone needs, especially as the year ramps up. For that reason, OSMA will make available to teachers at member schools digital versions of lesson plans, including supporting videos or slides, links to resources and other materials to teach what we all need to get the year going: Team Building; Law & Ethics; Reporting, Writing & Editing; Photography & Infographics; and Advertising & Fundraising. These were created and packaged by master teachers from across the country and the first batch will be available Sept. 24, the day we WANTED to have OSMA Region 1 at Kent State. Detailed information will be available for how to access these soon.

And don’t worry — we have every reason to believe the State Convention will be back — and better than ever! Friday, April 22 we’ll have hands-on sessions in the School of Media and Journalism’s Franklin Hall and then the awards banquet in the Kent State Student Center. You can walk through the buffet line and pile your plates with chicken and pasta and chocolate cake, listen to an inspiring speaker, and then cheer like crazy when your staffers hear their names called out for superior ratings. Will you earn an All-Ohio this year? It’s time to start new and bring home a plaque.

Just watch this site for more details to come.

Here are your 2021 winners.

Questions? Contact Candace Bowen at cbowen@kent.edu.

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