Students: Earn money and improve your journalism!

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It’s time to see how you did!

Get ready — OSMA is going to announce the superiors, excellents and honorable mentions in 50 individual categories of writing, design, photography and broadcast in this year’s contests and critiques.

And then we’ll announce ratings for yearbooks, newspapers, news magazines and news websites. Who earned the coveted All-Ohios? Who did better than last year? 

We know it’s been a tough year for everyone but especially for student journalists and their advisers as they try to cover and share with their audience news that’s hard to get, from sources who aren’t in person, with photos when events are canceled  — and often doing that at home, without their usual technology. 

The good news is — lots of you did an amazing job working through all those challenges and more.

So we can’t have a state convention like we usually do. We can’t walk through the buffet line and pile our plates with chicken and pasta and chocolate cake in the Ballroom of the Kent State Student Center this year. And we can’t hear an inspiring speaker like Mary Beth Tinker or Connie Schultz or Rachel Dissell.

But we CAN celebrate your awards, ratings and scholarships.

At approximately 8 p.m. Friday, April 16, when you should have all been looking at the screen and listening to me read — and often mispronounce — all the winners’ names, you’ll be able to see the PowerPoint right here on this website, have a Zoom watch party while your adviser or editor clicks through the slides. Scream all you want. Cheer for each other. You worked hard for this.

All the judges’ comments and suggestions, the certificates and plaques will be coming your way before school is out this year. And maybe, just maybe….we can do this in person again in 2021.


Here are your 2021 winners.

Questions? Contact Candace Bowen at cbowen@kent.edu.