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Workshop set for Thursday, Oct. 6, 2022!

FINALLY, it’s time for regional workshops again, and we hope you’ll join us.

Mitch McKenney, former Akron Beacon Journal editor and now undergraduate coordinator of the School of Media and Journalism, will help you find good story ideas.

Thursday, Oct. 6, sessions in the Student Center of Kent State University will include KentWired, Kent Stater and TV-2 students talking about how they produce award-winning media and things they have learned. There’s even a special session about covering sports — and this semester’s sports editor may surprise you.

Other sessions will include  dealing with legal and ethical situations, solving photo challenges and learning how to tell award-winning stories. One gives a crash course on finding story ideas or sources beyond the first five clueless kids in the hall, and another helps you find your comfort zone while interviewing.

Several are about broadcast — both tips for jobs on the set and working with the technology to put it all together. And the always-popular “Grammar Slammer,” which shows typical mistakes and how to fix them, always draws a crowd, students AND advisers who know they don’t know it all.

You’ll receive a draft program the Monday before the workshop so you can plan what you want to attend.

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