OSMA Contests


  • Individual category submissions must be submitted online by Friday, Jan. 29, 2021.
  • Overall newspaper and news magazines must be received in the OSMA office as hard copies by Jan. 29, 2021.

See yearbook entry information by scrolling down.

Information below will be updated when we know more about what spring will bring!

  1. Download a Registration form for 2020. You must be an OSMA member to participate, though if you attended a fall regional workshop you have joined already. You can register for the April 3 & 4, 2020 state convention when you submit entries, or you can decide and register by March 1 if you can join us then.
  2. Choose three issues to enter for overall newspapers or news magazines PUBLISHED DURING THIS SCHOOL YEAR. (If you have not published three times during this school year, include a note explaining your circumstances.) Fill out the information data sheet and have your principal sign the Open Forum Statement if you have no prior review and have the adviser sign at the bottom of the sheet. (If that is the case, you receive a gold seal indicating that on your overall certificate.)
  3. Send these overall issues to: OSMA
    201B Franklin Hall
    School of Journalism and Mass Communication

    Kent State University

    Kent, OH   44242
  4. For the student news website, fill out this form, which includes a place for the URL.
  5. For the 54 individual categories, download the list of categories and read them carefully. They describe just what the judges will be seeking so this will help you decide if that great article you wrote in October is a General Feature, a News Feature or a Personality Feature.
  6. Make sure they were published between Jan. 24, 2019 and Jan. 24, 2020.
  7. Prepare your Digital Entries: Follow steps below or watch a short video to see the process in action.

Step 1: Get entries ready

a. For each design and writing entry, export the page or spread as a .pdf.  If submitting a spread, make sure the export settings are set as spread and not as pages. If submitting a multi-page package, save all the pages into one .pdf. (For Yearbook Theme category, please save all applicable files into a folder and share the folder link)

b. If you are submitting an entire page pdf for the judging of one article/photo on that page, it is highly recommended that you mark or clarify for the judges what they should look at.

c. Photographs should be submitted as .pdf files – please include the caption and any other supporting materials (accompanying story, etc). If more than one photo is visible in the pdf, please make sure we understand which one to judge.

d. Broadcast entries should be uploaded to Youtube or comparable hosting site and include the link to that on the form.

Step 2: Upload and Share

a. All of your entries must be uploaded online (Google, Dropbox, Youtube, etc). Your entries must have a shareable link to submit on the contest form. Please refer to the list of contest categories for more information about contests.

b. It is recommended that you create a folder for all of contest entries for the year, but how you organize your entries is up to you.

c. Upload all of your contest entries. Name each entry with the following convention:

Entry Category #_School_Student First_Last Name

Example: 51_Antwerp_Maddie_Boesch

d. Get a shareable link for each entry. You will need the shareable link when you fill out the entry form. To get a shareable link in Google Drive, right click (on a Mac, control + click) on the file. Click SHARE. Use the pull-down menu to select Anyone with the Link. Then click Get Sharable Link. This is the link you need to submit with your entry.

Step 3: Submit Your Entries

a. Click on the Individual Advance Contest Registration Form. This form will need to be completed for every entry.

Fill out the form with the student’s name, grade, school information, category, and then paste the shareable link into the last box.

Step 4: Fill out the Contest Roster

a. Fill out the Contest Roster with the entry titles and names. (This file is saved as View Only – to edit it, click on File, Make a Copy; save as School_2020 Contest Roster. Please make sure this is also saved as “Anyone with the Link Can View”)  Remember that each school is limited to two entries per category. Make sure all names are spelled correctly as this is the document that will be used for award certificates. All entries submitted on the Individual Advance Contest Registration Form need to be included on the Contest Roster in order to be judged. Although students can submit the contest registration form, it is recommended that the adviser fill out the Contest Roster.

Once you have completed the Contest Roster form, please share with osmaonline@gmail.com. To share, right click (on a Mac, control + click) on the file. Click SHARE. Type in the email address osmaonline@gmail.com under “People,” then click Done.  (If you get a notification that “You are sharing to osmaonline@gmail.com who is not in the G Suite organization that this item belongs to,” go ahead and just click “Yes.”)

QUESTIONS? Contact cbowen@kent.edu

ENTRY DEADLINE FOR YEARBOOK ONLY (in our office). Get the registration form here for 2019-2020 books.

  • by June 30 (for spring delivery books); evaluations returned by Sept. 15.
  • by Sept. 30 (for early fall delivery books); evaluations returned by Dec. 15.
  • by Nov. 30 (for late fall delivery books): evaluations returned by Feb. 15.


201B Franklin Hall

School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Kent State University

Kent, OH 44242