Tips for preparing your digital entry

Greetings OSMA advisers,

It’s that time of year again. Time to start thinking about spring contest submissions. About printing and cutting and taping and printing again and making more copies of the contest entries you screwed up and then running to the post office at 3:59 to mail your entries. Forget about that old method. This year the OSMA board has developed a new digital contest submission process that will eliminate the rolls of Scotch tape you use each year in submitting your entries and hopefully make the submission process less tedious.

Step-by-step directions for this process are available here as well as a video tutorial. Using Google Drive or another file sharing program, you will upload and share your entries. A Google Form will be used to submit your entries. Writing, design and photography entries will be uploaded as pdf files, and broadcast entries will be uploaded to Youtube. Online entries will continue to be submitted with a URL. All entries must be made public and have a shareable link, so that our judges can access them.

It is our hope that this process takes some of the stress out of the contest submission process. Your students can export and upload their own entries and fill out the contest form. As an adviser, you will finalize your entries with the Contest Roster. This replaces the written roster that was completed in the past.

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